IT’S TRUE, was recorded in the band’s hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and Puerto Aventuras, Mexico. At the core of the history of LOAD are vocalist Luce, bassist Avi G., and guitarist Johnny Stewart (Red Fisher, Black Halos). For ‘It’s True,’ the lineup was augmented by Dale Wallace of Emerson Drive on synthesizer and horns, Darren Achorn on drums, with Chris Burke-Gaffney and Portishead’s James Barr sharing the programming duties. Longtime former guitarist Yvhan K also wrote material for the new album but left the band to become an architect.

The songs on ‘It’s True’ came together almost serendipitously as the various band members were spread out all over the country; Avi in Toronto, Luce splitting her time between Winnipeg and Mexico, and Stewart in Vancouver. This meant in person collaborations were rare, but the trio found them almost magical.
LOAD is a band that simply loves creating songs that stir the mind and soul of the listener. On record and in a live setting, LOAD’s music envelopes you in a gloriously moody soundscape, and is delightfully accessible to a mass audience, especially one craving an unforgettable intoxicating sensory experience.

As LOAD, they have written, recorded and performed original music for many genres: from live venues to movie sound tracks, independence art pieces, videos and TV – they  have a varied and successful track record. The 2014 CD is a stellar compilation of innovative and catchy, raunchy yet dreamy, semi-psychadelic songs that when listened to in order tell of our journey over the past 10 years. 

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  • Slow Train (Encoded Mix)
  • Bruce Lee
  • Great Great Day
  • 2 Hearts
  • Abigale Ann
  • Inside My Heart
  • East Van Rules
  • Morning Dew
  • True
  • 4 Of You (Maya Mix)


2012 – 2014 Luc Bell (bass/guitar/ vocals), 2012 – present Keith Dyck (acoustic guitar), 2013 – 2016 Kevin Radomsky (drums), 2015 – 2016 Mike Heibert (drums)

Luce, Avi-G, 2006 – 2016 Johnny Stewart (lead and rhythm guitars / programming), 2009 Darrin Achorn (drums It’s True)

LOAD invited Portishead programmer Jimmy Barr to program tracks on the 2014 release and collaborated with Chris Burke Gaffney on their international hit Bruce Lee. 

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