Encoded & Dirty

Encoded & Dirty takes the raw jazz punk energy of Delicates and transforms it into a collection of trance inducing hill billy gospel. 

Line-up changes included drummer Al Fillingham in the studio for all the live drum recording on the album ENCODED & DIRTY and Anthony Maki (Meatrack) on drums for all touring and live performances including SxSW from 1998 – 2001.  LOAD also welcomed renowned sax player Paul Balcain (1998 – 2001) to the album and to the live show.  LOAD introduced Vancouver programmer Jeet-K to LOADnation who helped enhance their trippy vibe. 

Encoded & Dirty, the immediate follow up to Delicates, was met with critical acclaim both in Canada and the US on the heals of LOAD’s Prairie Music Nomination,  prompting LOAD to be the first band from Manitoba to be invited to perform at the prestigious showcase event.

There are no music videos for this album, but there are two short films produced that used the music. Also, a track from this album called “4 OF YOU” was re-recorded and released on video and on the “IT’S TRUE” album.

The End of Everything – LOAD
Intentions – LOAD

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