Kyle Hauser


Kyle joined after It’s True, brought in by then lead guitarist Luc Bell, in early 2016. Originally joining the LOAD family as a bassist, Kyle quickly moved on to guitar when his skills as an accompanist were needed for a series of stripped down acoustic gigs. Trained in both classical and jazz with a love of heavy metal and prog rock, Kyle brings a diverse range of influences and playing styles to LOAD’s sound. In fact his heavy progressive jazz influenced folk roots matched the original 1996 – 2006 line up seamlessly. “I see LOAD as a big family with lots of members. There’s several versions of the onstage lineup so I basically have to approach each song differently based on who’s on stage with us. If we have another guitarist, I’ll take a more sparse approach and let them have their space but if we’re just a four piece I’ll take a more lead guitar role. If it’s just me and Luce, I need to fill out the sound more so I’ll go into accompaniment mode, focusing on the rhythm and chord changes and let her just float on top of my playing. Because the main constants tend to be me and Luce, I often end up in a bit of a conductor role, cueing the changes and endings and such. I wear a lot of different “hats” on stage.” When you watch Kyle and Luce on stage or in the studio, they flow together like a match made in heaven. They have a unique understanding of each other’s role and playing, and they communicate in a way that produces not only colossal sounds and vocal harmonies but great feelings as well … almost effortlessly. They have fun. They fall in love with each other every time they perform and the audience in turn cannot help but fall in love with them. It’s always a win win.

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